Majority of the GNSI conference programs are pre-approved by the Association of Medical Illustrators Continuing Education Committee for CE units. You must verify your continuing education activities within 30 days of participating or CEUs cannot be awarded. Note that the morning half-day workshops are actually half an hour shorter than the afternoon ones.

AMI CEU Art Categories

0.05 Credits

  • Mali Moir - Beckler's Botanical Bounty
  • Patricia Koemel - Seurat Research
  • Tanya Hoolihan - Ludwig Leichthardt


0.067 Credits

  • Peter Marsack - Bird Field Guide

0.1 Credits

  • Maria Fernanda Cardoso/Geoff Thompson - Making Sense of Artful Science: The Art of Model Making in the Natural Sciences
  • Anton Thomas - North America: Portrait of a Continent
  • Geoff Monteith - The Passionate Insect Life of 'The Butterfly Man of Kuranda'
  • Judith McKay - The Life and Art of Ellis Rowan
  • Vicky Earle - Duets Panels
  • Scott Rawlins - The Real Indiana Jones
  • Ivan Gromicho - Procreating with the iPad
  • Deb Haines - Educational Games
  • Misaki Ouchida - Visual Power in Science Communication
  • Ellen Hickman - Discovery Through Illustration
  • Jennifer Landin - Experimenting with Visual Tweaks
  • Madison Mayfield - Science Illustrators and Museums
  • Tierney Brosius - Insects in Art During an Age of Environmental Turmoil
  • Gretchen Halpert - Scientific Models
  • Bernadette Drabsch - Sarcophagus Rendering
  • Ikumi Kayama - Decluttering Photoshop Files
  • Levent Efe - Still's Still Alive
  • Melissa Logies - Illustration and Animation at UWorld


0.15 Credits

  • Gail Guth - Drawing Animals


0.4 Credits

  • Jennifer Fairman - Workshop: Advanced mixed media techniques in Adobe CC
  • Gretchen Kai - Workshop: Field Sketching at the Australia Zoo
  • Carrie Carlson - Workshop: Natural Science Printmaking: Hand Painted Linoleum Block Collaborative Service Project
  • Mali Moir - Workshop: Lumpy Bumpy Textured Surfaces? Easy Peasy!


0.8 Credits

  • Levent Efe - Workshop: Photoshop, from draft to completion
  • Julian Teh and Bonnie Koopmans - Workshop: Introduction to Digital Art
  • Scott Rawlins - Workshop: Sculpting Soft-bodied Animals with Polymer Clay
  • Peter Marsack - Workshop: Insects in Black and White
  • Peter Marsack - Workshop: Painting Birds for Identification
  • Judith Thompson and Caroline Fewtrell - Workshop: Fun and Easy Monoprinting Using a Gelli Plate


AMI CEU Biomed Category

0.05 Credits

  • Ian Tibbetts - Reef Ecology
  • Patricia Koemel - Seurat Research


0.1 Credits

  • Steve Wilson - Australian Reptiles
  • Tim Low - Where Song Began
  • Joel Floyd - Cactus Moths
  • Dr. Jonathan Coddington - Genomics and Imagery


AMI CEU Business Category 

0.067 Credits

  • Julia Landford - Nature Art School


0.1 Credits

  • Jennifer Fairman - Social Media Marketing A to Z
  • Heno Hwang - Strategies for Working with Research Scientists


Instructions for verifying your educational activities:

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on the link on the left side of the page that says "Submit Verification Form."
  3. Check off all the talks and workshops you attended and follow the prompts.
  4. Hit "submit" at the bottom of the page.
  5. The system should automatically record the CEUs to your record. You can check this by clicking on "My CEUs" on the left side of the page. If it doesn't update within a few hours, email and/or

Again, if you are a CMI and do not file your verification within 30 days, your CEUs will be forfeited.