Photography Symposium

Photography Symposium

Although focussed on photography this symposium should interest digital illustrators and anybody interested in accurate colour reproduction of their images. It is included in your registration and photographers are welcome to register for just the day. Two more general talks are also included that should interest everyone.



MacGillivray Reef, Lizard Island, ©Queensland Museum, Gary Cranitch

June 30
Morning Session - Gary Cranitch

Underwater Photography on the Great Barrier Reef

Museum photographer Gary Cranitch will talk about his award-winning underwater photography on the Great Barrier Reef and on dry land. In 2008, Gary was the Australian Institute of Professional Photography’s Science and Nature Photographer of the Year. Read about him and his work in this ABC News article.  



June 30
Morning Session - Dr. Les Walkling
10:30AM - 12:00PM

The Management of Colour in Digital Workflows

This session covers the essential colour knowledge and management strategies needed for an efficient, productive and colour accurate photographic workflow. The myths and fairy tales surrounding colour management are debunked and replaced with simple, logical and effective workflow solutions. Real-world case studies include proofing for clients, incorrect screen brightness settings, converting for the web, chromatic adaptation errors in working and viewing environments, and other typically misunderstood sources of colour inaccuracy and frustration. This talk also 'sets the scene' for this afternoon's session, Beyond Photoshop Colour Correction. 

Topics include:

  • Making it believable - illusions and lies 
  • How is colour represented in a digital workflow?
  • What is the relationship between an image and its colour space(s)?
  • What is the difference between assigning and converting profiles? 
  • Scene referred vs. destination referred workflows and ISO standards
  • Independent tone and colour correction myths
  • How do I know (and test) if my monitor and/or printer is accurately profiled?
  • The problem with printer profiles
  • Converting to the web with perceptual compression
  • Is my working and viewing environment colour correct?



June 30
Afternoon Session - Man Cheung

1:15 - 2:15pm

Photo-artist Man Cheung will talk about his and his brother, Wah’s Digital Garden project. Artists Man&Wah were artists in residence at The Cube (at Queensland University of Technology, QUT's Gardens Point Campus) in 2018 where they created Digital Garden - a large scale audio/visual project that utilized the entire Cube space in creating an immersive experience.

June 30
Afternoon Session - Dr. Les Walkling

2:20 - 3:45pm

Beyond Photoshop Colour Correction 

Colour grading in the cinema has long been based on LUT creation. Some mainstream digital photography programs are now also supporting LUTs. And when an amazing application like 3DLUT Creator from Russia so easily and immediately solves all of Photoshop's colour editing issues, contradictions and frustrations, it really is a massive game-changing moment. However, in order to work with LUTs and in particular 3DLUT Creator requires we us to move beyond the Photoshop 'echo bubble' and embrace a larger world view of colour. This talk is designed to help you work with LUTs and in particular the amazing 3DLUT Creator application. 

Topics include:

  • What is a LUT?
  • The problem with RGB
  • Understanding colour models
  • Selections vs. masks. vs nodes
  • Gamut resolution
  • Navigating 3DLUT Creator 
  • Working with LUTs in Adobe Photoshop and other applications
  • Selecting the best colour model for specific tasks
  • How to independently edit tone, saturation and hue
  • Integrating 3DLUT Creator with existing workflows